The Eisenhower Series College Program is a United States Army War College outreach program that exposes intellectually curious university and civic audiences who have little direct knowledge of the military to men and women with significant “on-the-ground” experience with national security. Provided at no cost to hosting institutions, we seek to improve mutual “civil-military” understanding of national security issues by briefly sharing the candid insights of our US Army War College fellows regarding current national security issues, and by listening attentively and responding to the questions and perspectives of our audiences. 

Each year various teams of three to five of our fellows visit select universities and their communities nationwide. These graduate fellows draw upon 17+ years of national security experience, academic research, and personal reflection to develop short talks that link the strategy, theory, or policy of national security to on-the-ground execution. During informal classroom discussions, moderated panels, or Q&A sessions after brief formal remarks, our fellows engage in constructive, candid conversations that may support or challenge current policies, and their unique practitioners’ perspective deepen audiences’ understanding of current security and military issues.

Last year, the Eisenhower Series had its best year ever, reaching more than 2,300 students and community leaders at 35 different universities and civic groups.

Want to know more about the Eisenhower Program? You can listen to Dean Kaplan–a former program lead for ESCP–talk about the program and its legacy on the below War Room podcast:

Col Leon Perkowski
Program Lead
COL Trent Hunton
Faculty Affiliate
LTC Nathaniel Davis
Faculty Affiliate
Prof Christopher Sandrolini
Faculty Affiliate
Dr. Abigail Stonerock
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AY23 ESCP students Kirk Daniels and Dena Goble sit down with Dr. Ron Granieri of War Room to personal and professional experiences related to diversity, equity, and inclusion policies in the US Army.

AY22 ESCP students Brian Dudley and Kevin Payne sit down with Dr. Granieri of War Room to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the US Army.

AY22 ESCP students Matt Adamczyk, Rob Greiner, and Kevin Payne sit down with Dr. Ron Granieri of War Room to discuss the war in Afghanistan.

AY22 ESCP students Leila Green, Jason Groat, Mike Rossman, and Amit Talwar, participate in a War Room podcast with Dr. Ron Granieri, sharing their insights on great power competition, alliances, and the nature of power.

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