We aim to establish the U.S. Army War College as the nation’s premiere center for the study and practice of civil-military relations

Our Mission

To sponsor and promote the development of a healthy, sustainable relationship between the American military, society, and political leaders through education, research, and outreach

CMRC focuses its resources along the following lines of effort:

Developing Leaders

CMRC offers opportunities for US Army War College students to expand their understanding of today’s civil-military challenges and develop solutions that address the civil-military gap

Advancing Knowledge

CMRC promotes and supports research and writing on issues related to civil-military relations broadly defined. We encourage publications in both policy-relevant forums and more traditional academic scholarship with policy implications.

Connecting Professionals

CMRC sponsors and supports some of USAWC’s more important outreach initiatives with the goal of bridging the civil-military gap and creating a network of scholars and practitioners who can foster healthy civil-military practices in the future.